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We are finally making healthy snacks accessible, for everyone, everywhere!

They chose to make a difference. 

How about you ?

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We replace traditional junk food with healthy drinks and snacks
in companies and public spaces.
Ultra-processed products are now commonplace in our stores, our distributors and our canteens. A large majority of snacks and sodas found on the market contain nearly 50% of sugar! It's just huge.
The consequences are visible since, according to the WHO, in Europe, 60% of the adult population is overweight, and 20% is obese. Obesity is associated with an increased risk of chronic diseases such as type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease and certain types of cancer.
At Distri Pure, our mission is to reverse this trend. No more no less.
On the opposite way, unprocessed, raw and natural products provide the benefits the body needs. No more fatigue, find the energy you need.
Likewise, you will be better concentrate all day long. You will have less cravings and your good mood will be there (your entourage will be delighted).
Additionally, eating healthily will give you a physical and mental well-being which will change your daily life.
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Why Distri Pure?

Snacks that feeds your body and mind

Our specifications are very strict!

Our drinks and snacks are rich in micronutrients such as vitamins, minerals and fiber, and can help maintain a level of energy constant throughout the day thanks to quality proteins and carbohydrates. In addition, they do not contain additives, preservatives or artificial flavors which may be damaging your health. By opting for Distri Pure products, you don't just take care of your body and mind, but you also encourage a more sustainable and local food industry.

fruit and vegetable juices

Our juices and sodas

Natural beverages without adding any harmful agent, to healthy satisfy your thirst.

cereal bar

Our Snacks

Our snacks are made from food raw and natural. They contain no chemicals and low sugar.

Snacks display.jpeg

Our offers

Our products are offered with or without vending machine, depending on your needs.

produits frais

Are you interested in our products ?

Distri Pure is THE solution for

a healthier and more balanced life

well-being in business

In companies

subway station

In public spaces

sports center

In sports centers


At school

Benefit from a regular income supplement

Help your employees/customers benefit from healthy eating

Benefit from a positive image of a company/structure/organization that has an impact on the local economy, health and the environment

  • Where do Distri Pure products come from?
    Our products come ONLY from Belgian producers. We wanted to work locally in order to reduce our environmental impact as best as possible and also promote the local economy.
  • How are our products healthy?
    Passionate about health and food, Nicolas has created fairly strict specifications for the products he chooses. Therefore, it is not enough for the product to be organic and local to be offered in our distributors. Nicolas looks at each product description, the nutritional values as well as the ingredients, in order to make his choice. He knows the negative impact that certain compounds can have on our health. Our distributors benefit from Nicolas' expertise to offer the healthiest possible products.
  • When are the distributors supplied?
    Our distributors benefit from precise stock management in real time. We are instantly notified if products are missing from the dispenser. We react quickly to fill this gap, within 48 hours. We manage everything from A to Z.
  • What is required to install a dispenser?
    - An electrical outlet (extremely low consumption) - A space of 1.2m² (distributor dimensions: Height 1.96m - Width 1.2m - Depth 1m) - The dispensers can be suitable for both indoors and outdoors We take care of everything else, including maintenance and customer service.
  • How to know the allergens of products?
    On the distributor's touch screen, you have direct access to the description of each product, including their allergens and the list of ingredients.
  • What payment methods are accepted?
    Payment by credit card only (with or without contact). Bancontact, Mastercard and VISA are accepted.
  • Why is it interesting for my company/my structure to install a vending machine?
    - Benefit from regular income supplement - Offer healthy food to your employees/customers - Benefit from a positive image of a company/structure/organization having an impact on the local economy, health and the environment
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