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Jus de fruits

Our cold-pressed juices

100% pure, 100% natural fruit and vegetable juices


No sweeteners, conservatives or natural flavours. Enjoy the pure taste of fruit and vegetables.


Cold pressing is the best technique for producing juices. Indeed, it allows you to keep all the micro-nutrients (vitamins and minerals) that a centrifuge and a blender do not allow.

Finally, the HPP (high pressure processing) technique makes it possible to kill all bacteria during bottling, and to increase the storage time of the juice up to 30 days.

100% pure juice

Our choice of juices is ONLY pure juices. That means no other elements are added. No water, no sugar, no conservatives, no sweeteners, NOTHING. Which makes the taste unique, as if you were eating the vegetable or fruit.


We work with Paulette, a company located in Liège area who works with local producers. Their values matched perfectly with the vision of Distri Pure.

Marché du week-end

Our healthy sodas

An infusion of the best plants and flowers, very low calories and a unique taste.Our sodas will surprise you !

No sweetener, no conservative. Natural, again and again.

A natural product

Handcrafted and infused with real flowers, fruits, plants and roots, our sodas have nothing in common with conventional soft drinks. The flavors are authentic despite their low sugar and calorie content.


We work with several Belgian producers. Eager to make a difference, they quickly opted for a healthy and natural product that perfectly replaces classic sodas, which are harmful to our health.

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Marché du week-end
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