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I'm Nicolas, sports coach since 2012. First passionate about sport, I quickly understood that our body is a whole that we need to take care of in all aspects. This is how, step by step, I became interested in all areas of health, like food but also stress management and sleep. Useful knowledge that helped my clients be in better shape.

Therefore, I was able to help many people to loose weight, to better manage their stress, to improve their physical condition, to prevent the professional burnout and to better protect yourself from various diseases.

Food is for me the foundation on which our well-being relies. It is responsible for our physical and mental fitness. It does not only help to find an ideal weight but also to have more energy, a better concentration and contributes to a better sleep.

My daily mission is to help my clients live better, more responsible and to prioritize their health. I also campaign against all those multinationals which poison our lives and make us dependent on medical consultations.

Through Distri Pure, I aspire to convince as many people as possible, that the happiness lies first of all in our lifestyle. This base will allow everyone to find a fair balance in a society where everything goes a thousand miles an hour.

Access to happiness start here, the rest of the way will be that much easier.


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